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January 7, 2011

Follow-Up On Teh Crazie Birther

World Net Daily (aka "Birther Central") has an exclusive on Theresa Cao - the woman who made a name for herself yesterday in the House Gallery.

The OPJ wrote this up yesterday.

From Birther Central:
The woman who burst out with "except Obama" when New Jersey Democrat Rep. Frank Pallone today read in Congress the Constitution's requirement that the president be a "natural born Citizen" says she felt compelled to let representatives know of the absence of proof for Barack Obama's eligibility.

Theresa Cao, who was arrested by Capitol police, given a court date and then released, told WND in a telephone interview after her release, while she was standing in front of the Hart Office Building near the Capitol, that the only hope for the United States is a return to the faith of the Founding Fathers.

And that direction, she said, is opposite from the one Obama is leading the nation, citing his "socialism," such as a nationalized health-care system and the takeover of private companies including banks, insurance companies and car companies.
Except he's not a socialist, he didn't nationalize the health-care system, blah, blah, blah.

Oh, and there is evidence of his being born in Hawaii. Official evidence. Even Speaker of the House John Boehner agrees:
[NBC's Brian] Williams noted that 12 Republicans are co-sponsoring legislation expressing concern about Mr. Obama's birthplace, and asked Boehner if he would be willing to say, "this is a distraction, I've looked at it to my satisfaction. Let's move on."

"The state of Hawaii has said that President Obama was born there," the speaker responded. "That's good enough for me."
I suspect, however, that that won't be enough for teh crazie Cao:
"Literally if this question of the natural born citizenship, if this question does not get answered, then I am allowing a tyrannical dictator – the spirit of the anti-Christ, the new world order system that has their plans right this second to collapse the U.S. economy, and we know their plan, the new world order system's plan is to literally destroy humanity," she said.

She said "God made sure" that such a message "got out to every single American leader and every leader [now] knows the truth.

"He [Obama] has fought it not only for two years, not only has he fought it pre-election but historically all of his connections, every single connection [has been] blacked out."

Her description of the day's events was permeated with explanations of her belief that the God of the Bible is being abandoned by America, especially under Obama's rule because of his leanings toward "one-world" endeavors, through the United Nations and other channels.

"It's prophesied this new world order system will devastate America and the world, and Satan's plan is to take as many people to hell with him as he can," she said.

"God is saying, 'no way,'" she said.
There's a saying. You gotta dance with the one that brought ya.

These are among the folks who brought Boehner & Co. to power. And while he's willing to admit that the President was born in Hawaii, he's not willing to tell the birthers they are, in fact, wrong to believe otherwise:
Williams asked if Boehner would be willing to express that same message to the dozen Congressional Republicans who don't seem to feel it's good enough for them.

"Brian, when you come to the Congress of the United States, there are 435 of us," Boehner responded. "We're nothing more than a slice of America. People come, regardless of party labels, they come with all kinds of beliefs and ideas. It's the melting pot of America. It's not up to me to tell them what to think."
According to some recent poll data, a sizable chunk of the GOP are birthers:
On President Barack Obama’s birthday, a new CNN/Opinion Research released Wednesday shows 41 percent of Republicans believe Obama was “probably” or “definitely” born in another country.

The poll of 1,018 adults shows 27 percent of Americans believe the president was “probably” or “definitely” born in another country, compared with 71 percent who think he was born in the United States.

Among the 285 self-identified Republicans polled, however, the percentage who think Obama was born outside of the country spikes to 41 percent, with 57 percent believing he was born in the United States.
The GOP - Party of Teh Crazie.


Pgh_Knight said...

I could find an article about something so whacko lefty did, and then write about how that makes the entire dem party whacko... but I wouldn't waste my time.


Conservative Mountaineer said...

@Pgh Knight..

The real challenge would be finding a lefty that is *not* whacko.

Pgh_Knight said...

I was thinking... shouldn't they be touting her 1st amendment right of free speech? Where is the ACLU?

Anonymous said...


Are you saying that the GOP as a whole should not be judged by the actions of this woman? Would you say that her views on President Obama's birthplace, and of the constitutionality of his election, are not representative of average Republicans?