What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 21, 2011

Rally Today

You know what and where.


rich10e said...

is the pot smoking Wiz the guy that should be playing at the rally???

Maria said...

He's not playing at the rally, but he does have a song about PITTSBURGH at #6 on the Billboard charts.

rich10e said...

Maria, he's playing at the GAME!!!

"Rapper Wiz Khalifa - set to perform at Anderson Arena this Sunday - has recieved a last-minute phone call from his hometown Pittsburgh to perform his song "Black and Yellow" as part of the pregame show at the Steelers-Jets AFC Championship Game the day of the concert.

The concert is still scheduled to proceed as planned, according to Amar Muffleh, owner of concert organizers Clazel Entertainment.

"This will be his first national appearance," Muffleh said. "The Steelers organization has chartered a jet to fly Wiz into the Northwest Ohio area for the show," following his pregame performance."