What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 21, 2011


But don't forget, we have the best health care in the world! (If you can afford to pay for it/you'll still be able to afford to work in that field.)

(h/t to Kate Thomas)


bacalove said...

Hitler didn't like Unions either. He abolished Unions in 1933; Sound Familar? http://tinyurl.com/655j6gb

So, I think Pres. Obama has been on the right side of history in this matter!

And, Why are the middle-class and working poor the only ones that have to Sacrifice in this country? How come the Rich and Corporate America aren't Asked to sacrifice too? Why won't they Do away with their tax cuts, tax breaks, shelters and loopholes. Why won't they take-up some of the burden put on the backs of the working poor?

It that why GOP have been doing away with the Manufacturing jobs here in America, to weaken unions, but it also weaknes the middle class and the very fabric of America!

Maria said...

Oh, but haven't you heard? Tax cuts for business and the ultra rich help to create jobs. You know, like they did for the past 10 years -- that's why we have so many jobs and why unemployment is at record lows!


Edward said...

I have to give Bill Maher credit, he makes a point of having Republican ideologues on his panel on his show "Real Time". Last Friday Maher had a woman on (Michelle Caruso-Cabrera?) who was clearly a conservative pundit of some sort. When the conversation turned to income inequity, the woman first said no one likes having extreme income inequity. But, she said that the liberal alternative is poverty for all. Maher plaintively asked, are those the only two alternatives? Tavis Smiley (also on the panel) mentioned the comparatively high growth of the Clinton administration. Personally I wasn't happy with everything that happened during the Clinton administration, but compared to the Bush administration? Or the incredibly reactionary current Republican House. In particular, the demand that spending levels return to 2008 levels. Has anything happened since 2008? Maybe a financial meltdown caused by deliberate Republican inaction to prevent it? The fact that the Republicans want to eliminate the stimulus proves that they have no concern for the huge number of people whose income is below 50 percent of the median (big tent my ass).