What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 18, 2011

Live blogging 4802

RE: Wisconsin: Rachel Maddow had an excellent piece on this last night which you can view here.

USDA & Genetically Engineered Food: Right on! We should know what we're eating.

Philly Abortion Clinic: Acting like that place in Philly was an actual "clinic" is like comparing a crack house to a Rite Aid.

The teenager and the parental bypass: Nope! Sorry! That's not what I said. Her lawyers were aware that the judge had support from the anti choice groups. I believe we may have been the first to publish that the judge was endorsed by anti choice groups. I don't and never have claimed to be the first/only person to discover this -- only that when I did find it with a simple Google search, that I put it out there.

Also: Hmm, four guys sitting around discussing two abortion stories and a story on a female reporter who was sexually assaulted -- I would have liked to have heard at least one woman's opinions on these issues...


SquareChick said...

Maria you are so right "four guys sitting around discussing . . ." And the worst is, I still don't think they ever even think about this til someone like you calls them on it. Every time I watch the KD/PG Sunday Edition on TV . . . I begin to wonder does it never occur to them to put a woman in ONE of the chairs???? Chalk it up to "It's Pittsburgh"... as usual at least 10 years behind...

Dayvoe said...

I was gonna point that out but Chris moved the conversation along quickly and I didn't get the chance.

I DO think there's something odd about 4 guys sitting around a table talking about something that, for us, can only be in the abstract.