What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 23, 2011

Scenes from today's Pro Planned Parenthood Rally/March in Pittsburgh

Scenes from today's Pro Planned Parenthood Rally (courtesy of David):

(Umm, lady, your taxes don't fund abortions.)


rich10e said...

sure they do..they pay the light ,gas,the rent, and employees. To believe that the revenues can be segregated to "shield" the federal dollars from the business at hand is foolish and disingenuous!

" With a total budget of some $1.1 billion, more than a third of which comes from the federal, state and local governments, Planned Parenthood offers family planning, H.I.V. counseling, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, cancer screening and other services as well as abortions, mainly to low-income women. Congress has long barred the use of federal money for abortion, but it provides more than $75 million a year to Planned Parenthood affiliates to support family planning for low-income women. Millions more in federal dollars are provided for sex education and, indirectly, through Medicaid and other programs. "

rich10e said...

article NYTimes, February 17, 2011

Pgh_Knight said...

I think it is good you gave the other side a pic, even with the questionable commentary. Almost journalistic. Thank you.

Edward said...

Thousands (actually tens or maybe more than a hundred thousand) of Iraqi civilians died while we occupied Iraq. But I guess it is OK, since they all wanted to kill Americans and probably planned to travel to the US to do that (if we hadn't killed them first). Plus, they were Muslims and foreigners, and therefore less valuable than Americans.

Y'all (rich and PK) really don't care about the poor, or women, do you?

Pgh_Knight said...

Edward: That was a presumptuous statement. You must be amazing to glean that from my comment.

Let me therefore make a presumptuous retort: Anyone who would use "Y'all" sentence is uneducated and therefore not worthy of engaging in discussion.