What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 16, 2011

Tell them you can't kill us or our doctors: Rally on Thursday!

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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2011, 4:30pm-5:30pm
The Old Allegheny County Morgue
542 4th Avenue, Downtown
(Corner of 4th Avenue and Ross Street)

We may be mere "physical locations" and less than full citizens -- or even persons -- in their eyes, but it's time to tell them that you can't kill us or our doctors. You can't continue to attack our health care and our Reproductive Justice. You can't turn back the clock because we won't back down.

It's time to go Egyptian on their asses because they're trying to go medieval on ours.

We won't go back.

We won't go back.

More info and RSVP here


Maria Lupinacci said...

NOTES: The flyer is a draft version and I stole "go Egyptian" from Jeanne Clark.

Heir to the Throne said...

It's time to go Egyptian on their asses because they're trying to go medieval on ours.
Lara’s sadly predictable horror
Don't forget the work of banning men from getting DNA testing without a woman's permission.
DNA tests are an anti-feminist appliance of science, a change in the balance of power between the sexes that we’ve hardly come to terms with. And that holds true even though many women have the economic potential to provide for their children themselves…Uncertainty allows mothers to select for their children the father who would be best for them. The point is that paternity was ambiguous and it was effectively up to the mother to name her child’s father, or not… Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter…in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice.

Maria Lupinacci said...

Updated list of sponsors:

ACLU of Pennsylvania
Beaver Valley Chapter, National Organization for Women (NOW)
Coalition of Labor Union Women
East End Chapter, National Organization for Women (NOW)
First Pittsburgh Chapter, National Organization for Women (NOW)
National Council of Jewish Women, Pittsburgh Section
New Voices Pittsburgh: Women of Color for Reproductive Justice
Pennsylvania National Organization for Women (NOW)
Squirrel Hill Chapter, National Organization for Women (NOW)
Women and Girls Foundation
Women’s Law Project

Edward said...

Too bad you couldn't get us the entire article, for us to fairly judge, rather than a cherry picked excerpt. From an article written by an English author. That has nothing to do with abortion.

But, once again, if conservatives anywhere raise any complaint, then you advocate making all abortions illegal, even if doing so will kill women or make them carry their rapist's (or product of incest) baby to term. While we're at, let's take away women's right to hold elective office, vote or own property. That'll show 'em.