What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 11, 2011

How low can you go?

Did you happen to read this week's Pittsburgh City Paper? Did you also recoil in disgust at the full-page ad on page 19? Here it is, in case you missed it:

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First, I will preface my remarks by noting that, yes, everyone deserves a lawyer in a criminal trial and that attorneys have the right to advertise. But looking at this ad, I guess we have to be grateful that they didn't just throw up a photograph of a bloody, fatal car crash with the tag line: "Caused this? We'll get you off!" Their ad is only slightly less offensive -- and it offends on multiple levels.

I'm going to ignore the headline for a moment and go straight to the boxed-in "joke." Sorry, I find nothing funny about:

1) Someone driving so drunk that they're "weaving violently"

2) Making the joke about drunk driving specific to both an actual upcoming event and to a real area known to have a problem with too many bars and over consumption of alcohol

3) Thinking it's funny that a woman falls out of a moving car

4) The sexist implication that women never shut up

5) And, yeah, making the joke about some idiot from the burbs driving home drunk from the city specific to a street a mere two blocks from my home

In the ad, Rosselli & Horowitz self-identify as "The South Side's DUI and Criminal Defense Law Firm."

Yes, it a law firm which specializes in DUI cases making a joke about people driving drunk.

Seriously, WTF???

You know what can happen on Carson Street when some asshole drives drunk? A seven-year old can get killed and her mother can have the lower half of her body pulverized ("In addition to broken ribs, vertebrae, toes and an ankle, a doctor said, pieces of her hip and pelvis are simply missing." Oh, yeah, she also miscarried.) This happened just three months before this ad was placed. In fact, according to a recent WPXI story, Carson Street had the highest DUI arrests in our area: 218 in 2009. It also had one of the highest amounts of alcohol-related crashes: 152 wrecks involving alcohol in the last five years.

Funny, huh? A real LOL!

Now, back to the headline. "LOOKING FOR A LAW FIRM WITH TIGER BLOOD?" So, you're comparing your law firm to an obviously troubled person just out of "rehab" for alcohol and drugs, who recently lost their job and is universally ridiculed?! From your lips to God's ears, baby.


Mike said...

You demonstrate why people should have a concern about zealots taking away our fundamental freedoms. You are out of control. It is humor. No less than the crap comedians spew forth on stage. Get a life.

As for H.R.3 -- it is long overdue. I don't have a problem with people banging their brains out, but if you knock up your hussy, it is the two doing the horizontal mamba that have the responsibility to pay to kill the fetus. And I'm not saying from an anti-abortion stance. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and quit financially raping the tax payer.

Jesus H. F@*k@%g Christ on bicycle. When are you going to take responsibility for your own lives.

Joshua said...

Holy beating up a strawman, Batman!

And yes, that was directed to the jagoff who commented above me.

Joshua said...
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Joshua said...

And now, for more appropriate Carson Street humor, at the expense of the Pitt Panthers.

Maria said...


Thanks for illustrating the difference between comedians making jokes at the expense of drunken thugs and DUI lawyers laughing off the drunken exploits of the people they get paid to defend.

M said...

It's only funny in the context of a patriarchy, assholes! And primarily only funny to men--why is that? Because oppression of women is an acceptable societal norm, because straight white men are in power and promote this shit over and over...drill it into our heads that this is acceptable, this is normal, this is funny.

Fuck that! This is wrong! This is not funny! If you want to be a decent human being, you will choose not to reinforce this bullcrap but to fight to stop it. Call the City Paper (412.316.3342), and call the lawyers (412-281-8008), and tell them this is unacceptable!

Please join me in the effort to create a place where marginalized people are not subject to harrassment from all angles but are respected as human beings.

Giuseppe said...
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