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March 24, 2011

Many Thanks To Dan Malloy!

With his "Daily Santorum" posts at Early Returns 2.0, he's keeping a watchful eye on Lil Ricky for us.

Many thanks, Dan. On the one hand, it saves me the time of researching Rick myself. On the other, it effectively removes an occasional thread from this blog - the "What's Rick doing to embarrass himself these days?" thread. Why should I bother when Dan Malloy does it so much better?

Again thanks, Dan. Thanks bunches, ya rat basterd.

Recently (well yesterday) Dan posted this:
Now that he's free to appear on any network he wants, presidential hopeful Rick Santorum popped up on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" on Tuesday to offer his views on the Libyan bombing campaign. This appearance raised a very important question. Not what he thinks about Libya -- that's old news -- but rather: Does Santorum have a new haircut? The notion was first posited on Twitter by our news partner Jon Delano at KDKA and does, indeed, prompt some reflection in these parts.
Looks like Rick's hair is certainly...uh...fluffier.

My first instinct was to go with "poofier" but I rejected its use as that term, in our current Post-Dan Savage age, has implications about Rick that I'd rather not make.

Wanna know what our favorite ex-Senatorial embarrassment is doing? Go read Dan Malloy at the P-G.

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