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April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011

Today is Earth Day (and "Greener Pittsburgh Day" in the City of Pittsburgh).

In completely related news, there was a major blowout at a fracking gas well in Pennsylvania this week spilling "thousands of gallons of chemical-laden fracking fluid" and forcing some families out of Leroy Township in Bradford County.

Via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Chesapeake suspended all post-drilling activity on its wells in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, a freeze that will remain in place while they investigate why the well malfunctioned.
Chesapeake’s voluntary fracking moratorium came a few hours after environmental group PennFuture urged DEP to shut down the company’s drilling operations. “This latest serious problem at a Chesapeake Energy well site demands a serious and vigorous response from DEP,” said president and CEO Jan Jarrett in a statement. “… let’s remember that in February, an inferno erupted at one of Chesapeake’s wells in Washington County injuring three workers. Clearly this company needs to get its house in order and demonstrate to DEP and the public that it can carry on drilling operations safely.”
Maybe if Chesapeake wasn't so busy shilling in the comment section of blogs and other social media sites, they could pay more attention to their drilling activities.

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