What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 21, 2011

Pittsburgh Magazine Reader's Poll!

Did you know that there's a reader's poll being taken RIGHT NOW over at Pittsburgh Magazine?

Yeppers! Here's the link.

Did you know that there's a category for favorite "Local Blogger"?

Yeppers, there is!

Um...you do know what I am asking you to do, right?


For THIS blog!

And if you should happen to pass your eyes over the "Local Comedian" box and wonder whose name you should type in, try "Gab Bonesso". She's way cool, she's way funny, she wears kickass men's neckties as belts, AY-und she plays the trumpet (but only sometimes, and you have to ask her nicely.)


CSI w/o Dead Bodies said...

If other bloggers on your blogroll vote for you and Maria what do we get in return?

EdHeath said...

If the voting was restricted to bloggers, we might have a situation like the nine pirate lords of the brethren court.

Dayvoe said...

CSI: Um, you get our thanks?