What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 26, 2011

And It's A NO For Chuck Running For DA

From Jim O'Toole at Early Returns:
Former county Councilman Chuck McCullough will not be running for district attorney.
And then:
Mark Wolosik, the county elections chief, said that the unofficial count of write-ins found that Mr. McCullough gains 103 votes for district attorney, leaving him well short of the minimum of 500 that would have been needed to secure a post on the ballot. Mr. Zapata, unopposed for the Democratic nomination for district attorney, came in first among the GOP write-ins as well, with 296, a total that was still well short of the threshold he would have needed to gain that nomination as well. [emphasis added.]
I think that should be Zappala not Zapata. But that, as my old music theory teacher would say, is neither here nor there.

Nevertheless, this is done. I'd think that O'Toole quoting the county elections chief is a pretty reliable source, however unofficial (and therefore informal) this still might be.


Heir to the Throne said...

Is that the same DA who told the ACLU they are lucky he did not countersue for frivolous lawsuit in this case?

golek said...

I don't know ... what this?


rich10e said...

Who cares whether Chuck runs for DA?? Obama approves 4 more years of the Patriot Act!!!!

Conservative Mountaineer said...

That settles it then.. we'll have only one criminal to vote for DA in the Fall. Zappala is scum. He and his family are shady, at best.