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May 10, 2011

Peduto's response to Burgess’ legislation to rescind the City’s campaign finance reform laws

I receivied the following statement from Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto today regarding Councilman Ricky Burgess’ legislation to rescind the City’s campaign finance reform laws:

“In 2009, City Council passed campaign finance reform legislation - a reform that was long overdue for the City of Pittsburgh. It is disappointing to learn that Councilman Burgess would bow to the pressure of big money interests and reverse the reforms that Pittsburgh fought so hard to enact. Councilman Burgess’ attacks against the law are hollow and wrong. He is simply giving in to special interests and working to hide who is funding his campaign. The voters deserve to know who is pay-rolling this effort before they vote – and state law requires he tell them.

The City’s laws on acceptance and disclosure of contributions follow the federal rules and this was clearly discussed during Council’s debate in 2009. These efforts to rewrite history and create turmoil for political gain right before an election are being done at the expense of good government and transparency.

I look forward to the debate on this issue. It is further regrettable that Councilman Burgess would try to waive the rules of Council to vote on this bill tomorrow even further taking away the public’s ability to voice their position on this matter. I am dismayed that Council Members Lavelle, Dowd and Smith would support the waiver of rules to bring this up for a vote before the public has an opportunity to comment.

The people of Pittsburgh should be vigilant. Those who favor a "pay to play" government have given their orders and Councilman Burgess is working to deliver a gift for them – at the public’s expense.”

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btezra said...

relatively shameful act by Council Members Lavelle, Dowd and Smith to follow in line...

when are Mayor Steelerstahl and those who choose to rule as if it's 1950 on city council going to wake up and realize it's twentyeleven, the 21st centuray, we need to be smart, slightly progressive and forward-thinking right about now

we have amazing resources, tech/CMU/Bill Gates' investment, Pitt etc non-profits who don't pay their fair share that need to forge the way alongside a progressive smart city