What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 4, 2011

Teh Crazie Continues - Birther Style

Where else? But at World Net Daily:
The White House release of a copy of Barack Obama's long-form Hawaian birth certificate continues to raise more questions – since the name of the president's attending physician differs from previous published reports.

The name on the purported birth certificate lists Dr. David Sinclair as the obstetrician who delivered Obama in 1961.

But reports by the Buffalo News and supposedly confirmed by the hoaxbusting website Snopes.com indicate the name of Obama's birth physician was Dr. Rodney T. West.
Well that proves it!

That proves both the long form and the short form birth certificates are FORGERIES! And that Barry Hussein Obama is a MUSLIM! And AN ATHEIST!

Conveniently, both doctors have passed away. How much you wanna bet they were "disappeared" because they were:
  • Whitewater investors
  • Rose Law firm clients
  • Friends of Vince Foster
  • Business Associates of Tony Rezko
  • Having affairs with Hillary Clinton
The crimes of the Democrat Party are well known. Thank Gawd almighty for Glenn Beck!

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