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May 25, 2011

The Zombie Lies That NEVER Die (World Net Daily and the Obama Birth Certificate)

When times get boring, just head on over to World Net Daily to see what teh crazies' up to.

Did you know they're still flogging the Birth Certificate? They're still putting it in irony quotation marks so it shows up like this: Obama's "birth certificate".

As of this date and time (7:14 am on May 25) we see these articles in this order:

Above the date there's this non-Birth Certificate story:

U.K. celebrates Obamas, but Michael Savage is another story

The rest is red meat for the birthers:

WND Exclusive
Trump pumps Corsi
for latest on Obama
Requests information from author
of 'Where's the Birth Certificate?'

Combing over the facts
What is Donald Trump up to now with his questioning of Jerome Corsi?
A Poll asking WND readers what they think of the previous story.
WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Store clerk: Best-selling book probing Obama 'withdrawn'
Borders representative bases answer on fake Esquire article
A story on Corsi's book being out of stock in one Borders in California.
WND Exclusive
Obama camp pushes to sell birth-certificate images
'Don't miss out on this chance to get yours'
A story on how the "push" to sell "birth-certificate images" has actually driven up the sales of Corsi's book.
WND Exclusive
'Criminal' Obama secret gets no media attention
'Hawaiian' president has mysterious Connecticut Social Security Number
A story on the back-up birther story: Obama's Connecticut Social Security number
Coverage you can't count on
Why are news media paying no attention to Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number?
A reader poll on the previous story.
WND Exclusive
Now popular Republicans 'not natural-born citizens'
Rising stars of GOP in doubt because parents from overseas
A tangental birther story. How Governors Rubio and Jindal might not be natural born citizens (even though they were born in the US) because, like Obama, both men's parents were not American citizens.
Corsi interview on Clear Channel Radio
Listen now to what Obama and crew are trying to hide
An interview with Jerome Corsi on Obama's birth certificate.
What it'll take to resolve natural-born-citizen issue
Exclusive: Monte Kuligowski offers process for assuring justice in 2012 election
As of this writing, this is a broken link. But by the title we see it's still about Obama's "natural-born-citizen issue."B
Obama's 'Made in the USA' campaign
Exclusive: Joseph Farah applies apt definitions to word re-election effort is touting
From Farah himself. A story on how the phrase "Made in the USA" and how it actually hints at Obama not being a real American
WND Exclusive
'The Obama code': Hidden messages in birth document?
Computer experts find anomalies embedded in White House release
Story on some computer manipulation of the Long Form Birth Certificate that proves it's a forgery - or something like that
WND Exclusive
It's out! The book that proves Obama's ineligible
Today's the day Corsi is unleashed to tell all about that 'birth certificate'
Ad for Jerome Corsi's book on the Obama's Birth Certificate
WND Exclusive
From A to Z: What's wrong with Obama's birth certificate?
Examine for yourself mounting evidence that president's document isn't genuine
A primer on the birth certificate story.
WND Exclusive
Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve?
WND's complete archive of news reports on the issue
Birth Certificate again - WND's complete "reporting"
WND Exclusive
Obama's day of reckoning could end his presidency
Free, landmark summary explains eligibility issue clearly, suggests what you should do
Another primer on the Birth Certificate
Corsi No. 1 bestseller 'Obama Nation' $4.95 today only!
Fantastic $23 discount on other book most hated by Team Obama
Another ad for Jerome Corsi's book on Obama's birth certificate.
Most politically incorrect film of the decade
Documentary explores forbidden issue of president's legal qualifications
Ad for an anti-Obama documentary.
And so on
WND - Birther Central


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Professor Chaos said...

And why does the lamestream media ignore the fact that "Obama" is a really scary-sounding foreign name? Maybe not even an earthling name. And what's up with that skin color? Taht can't be American skin.