What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 16, 2011

Anthony Weiner to Resign

Not much more to say.


EdHeath said...

I dunno, there might be a little more to say. I think that Weiner's activities probably did not break any laws, although I think he showed incredlby poor judgment. But I would have liked to see him take a leave, get "treatment" (ie, talk to someone about how to get porn on the internet and just watch that on some home account paid for out of his own money) and then come back.

Glenn Greenwald suggested that checking most (male) reporters computers would find at least a few conventionally embarrassing activities, similar in scope to what Weiner did. Those who would enforce the standard of morality would probably fail their own test.

Maria said...

I totally agree that he likely did nothing illegal and that if you dig deep enough, most reporters and pols would have something embarrassing to hide.

I also think if we didn't have the actual visuals, this thing would never have gotten so hot as a story.

That said, he lied to everyone's face for a week. Not saying no other pols lie, but, again, the lies and the cover-up is what doomed him in the end. People who he had lied to defended him -- so he left them all out to dry.

Maria said...

Also, of course, IOKIYAR.