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June 16, 2011

Bloggers On Parade!

That would be Bram Reichbaum of The Pittsburgh Comet appearing before Pittsburgh City Council in his capacity working for Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith and her anti adult entertainment legislation.

That would be once upon a time blogger and current staffer for Councilman Bruce Kraus, Matt "H" Hogue; Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak; and Ken Wolfe, Legislative Aide to State Rep. Jake Wheatley, celebrating Matt's birthday.


Ms. Monongahela, Ms. Chief Editor said...

Whew! I am LOVING that wild-n-crazy hair, Bram!

Maria said...

Actually, the best part was when Smith said she was bringing Bram to the table so that all his friends could see him in a suit.

Bram Reichbaum said...

I'm sad I didn't get to give the Wild n' Crazy Guys thumbs up. :(

Bram Reichbaum said...

Oh, and I wouldn't call it "anti-" adult entertainment legislation. I'd call it community-friendly strip club legislation.