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June 23, 2011

Coloring outside the lines

It may not come as a great shock to those who read this blog that as a child I did not always color within the lines. In fact, I often very deliberately drew and colored outside the lines -- changing the fashions, hairstyles, gender and race in the Dick and Jane-style illustrations in my coloring books at will.

So, imagine how much fun I would have had with this propaganda piece coloring book:

In it, "Talisman Terry" the "friendly Fracosaurus" explains the wonders of natural gas and fracking with a big, happy face. No mean, old, inconvenient fracking concerns are allowed as the book is published by Talisman Energy. You can view the entire book here and the Post-Gazette article about it here.

I've already started coloring my copy:

I think all parents should download a copy and educate their children as to what's missing from the book so that they can add fracking ponds, exploding rigs, fireballs in sinks, ripped-up roads, etc. to the pretty, pretty pictures and mail them back to Talisman Energy.

Keep coloring outside the lines!

(h/t to Doug Shields)


EdHeath said...

I know that the current thinking ties fossil fuels to plankton and plants, but I still have to say the dinosaur is very ironic. Fracosaurus is pretty amusing too.

I don't know what the gas companies think they get if they win over the under ten year old set, but I'll bet the ten year old's can be flipped when you tell them their tap water will smell awful, taste worse and catch on fire.

Grace said...

Love your additions to the coloring book page!
I absolutely cannot stand coloring books! I gave my kids paint, crayons, and blank paper - that way they created their own masterpieces. The purpose of a coloring book is to stifle the genius of a child and teach them conformity.
BTW, what kind of parents would give their kids coloring books about fracking?

•O•A•T•S•T•A•O• said...

aside for the blatant evil hand behind this, it's also one of the worst 'comic' books ever in terms of art design skill.. wow sooo shitty and done 100% in illustrator in 20 minutes.