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June 25, 2011

A Facebook Mystery Solved But Another Emerges...

On June 13, New York magazine posted this about our favorite ex-Senator's "Google problem" and one loyal Santorum follower's attempt to fix it. The piece is titled:
Determined Supporter Is
Trying to Fix Rick
Santorum’s Google Problem
And here's the text:
The only thing stopping former senator Rick Santorum from clinching the GOP presidential nomination, besides the utter indifference of the entire electorate? His well-documented Google Problem. Search for "Rick Santorum" and, thanks to Dan Savage, the top results identify him as a "frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex." Earlier this year, Santorum had seemingly come to terms with his fate, but one supporter isn't giving up so easily. He/she recently created a Facebook group for mobilizing the dozens of Santorum loyalists out there in an effort to undo this evil, gay curse.
The piece even quotes the facebook page:
Rick Santorum is a God-fearing man who wants to save unborn children and protect traditional marriage. Because of this, radical left-wing activists launched a Google-bombing campaign so that people searching for his name will find pages full of vile, disgusting filth instead.
However, if you actually go to the facebook page linked in the New York piece, you'll find this:
Rick Santorum is a vile man who wants to be in everyone's bedroom but his own. His attempts to legislate his own special brand of morality have led him so far as to compare loving, committed relationships to bestiality and incest. Rick Santorum should be ashamed of himself. Instead, he is running for President.
And this image that looks like a bumper sticker:

What is going on?

Turns out that sometime on the morning of June 15th (2 days after the New York article), the admin of the original Pro-Rick Santorum Facebook page abandoned it and the current admin (who's obviously not a fan of Rick's) took over.


That means that anyone who's a fan of Rick and who searches for the facebook page that's trying to fix Rick's google problem will find, among other things, the bumper sticker image above.

That's a problem for Rick.

One mystery solved but that leaves another - Why abandon the facebook page in the first place? Why not just shut it down or close it off to the public?


Richmond K. Turner said...

Sadly, I don't think that we can begin printing up that bumper sticker until he really generates a "frothy mix" by choosing a running mate. But Santorum-Palin would be certainly qualify as quite frothy, indeed.

Vannevar said...

I wonder if a very clever person posted the Pro-Rick page to generate media links, and then swapped out the content.

Occam's razor and all that; it seems more likely than the build-abandon-seize scenario.

Excellent post, as always.