What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 10, 2011

Yes, Investigate!

From today's Tribune-Review:
Congressional subpoenas must reveal what the Justice Department won't explain about a Border Patrol death and its ham-handed effort to link illegally sold guns with Mexican drug cartels.

With Justice largely stonewalling, U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, plans to subpoena officials involved with a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) program known as "Fast and Furious," reports The Hill newspaper.

A bad idea from the start, the program authorized U.S. gun stores to illegally sell thousands of firearms to Mexican cartels' "straw purchasers" -- in hopes of tracing those guns to, and prosecuting, cartel bigwigs. [emphasis added.]
Can I point something out?

USAToday reports that "Operation Fast and Furious" is part of a larger ATF operation, "Project Gunrunner."
And guess, just guess when that started?

Locally in Laredo, Texas in 2005 and then expanded nationally in 2006 - so when Scaife's braintrust says it was "a bad idea from the start," I trust they recognize that it was yet another bad idea from their friends in Bush Administration.


Heir to the Throne said...

So Career hacks starting "Project Gunrunner" is all Bush's fault?

The same kind of Career hacks at Bush DOJ that hid exculpatory evidence and manufactured evidence in the Sen. Ted Stevens trial.

Nevermind "Project Gunrunner" being given approval at the highest levels of the DOJ and being put on steroids during the Obama regime.

If it was all Bush's fault, why is the Obama DOJ stonewalling?

EdHeath said...

Why is the administration stonewalling Republican hypocrites, HTTT? Because from day one Obama has bent over backwards and twisted himself in knots to prove to the American people that Republicans are full of "it" when they say the black President = socialist. From the stimulus having 40% tax cuts (just not tax cuts for the rich) to tossing Van Jones when Republicans were stupid about his past, Obama has tried accommodate Republicans left and right. In fact, Republicans have turned into major hypocrites, complaining about the re authorization of the Patriot Act when they didn't oppose it in the first place.

Not to say Obama has not done things I disagree with. The difference is that I would have opposed them when they first came up (assuming I heard about them).

rich10e said...

Ed, Van Jones' past is his present and future..he has never strayed from his commie beliefs...

EdHeath said...

rich, you know, if the Republicans do win the White House and Congress in 2012, the Tea Party will make the government start rounding up registered Democrats and put them in concentration camps. And all your dreams will come true.

You really think that being radicalized while watching and being a victim of police brutality against people of his own race in 1992 is the same thing as being an advocate for green jobs for the poor and everyone else in 2008? I guess you live in your own reality, blissfully free of pesky facts.

rich10e said...

You are such a big sissy some times...buck up..a little time in a re-indocrination camp would be good for all of you!!!

EdHeath said...

Hmm, Conservative Mountaineer complains that liberals aren't serious enough to have an adult conversation with. How should we see your efforts, rich?

I guess when you try to be funny you are conceding you were flat out wrong about Van Jones. No surprise when you parrot Republican talking points.

rich10e said...

Eddie spare me your sociological BS about Van and his leftist beliefs...he left his WH post because he knows I'm right even if you dont...he's a smooth talking conman living off of non-profits funded by the US...he advocates violence through STORM...just another well spoken parasite who makes the hearts of libs like you all warm and fuzzy....

EdHeath said...

Sure, rich, monitoring police brutality against black and poor people made Van Jones a conman and parasite. African Americans have always done best when looked after by the benevolent white man, who never mistreats African Americans and always gives them a fair and equal chance. And I can see where monitoring the actions of the police can be seen as violence.

And of course, Garfield, Homewood, the Hill district, Rankin and other heavily African American neighborhoods (in Pittsburgh and across the country) are paradises to live in, with upscale homes and the people who live in those neighborhoods are all employed with good paying jobs, making as much or more than their white neighbors.

Sociological BS.