What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 14, 2011

Bachmann: Obama has a lot of "choot-spa"

Yiddish Fail LOL Alert!

Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann tries to say that President Obama has a lot of "chutzpah" with predictable results. (Apparently while a friend of Israel, she doesn't have any Jewish friends.)

(h/t to Think Progress)


spork_incident said...

Apparently while a friend of Israel, she doesn't have any Jewish friends

Nor, apparently, has she seen a single stand-up comic in the last, oh, 80 years or so.


Piltdown Man said...

Truly amazing. Or not.

How can she get to be 55 years old and not know how to pronounce this word??? It's not like it's some obscure Albanian term!

And yet, "her people" have her second in the polls right now? Perhaps being stupid about Yiddish just makes them even happier???


Mike said...

Maybe Eric Cantor can help her.

EdHeath said...

You know, whenever I hear that an evangelical Christian (as I believe Ms Bachmann is) is a "friend of Israel", I always think of the stories I have heard about how certain evangelicals see wars in the Middle East as a sign the rapture is coming. Strange sort of friend that might see wars against your country as the most positive thing ever.

Maria Lupinacci said...


You left out the part about only the Born Agains being raptured while their "friends"...

EdHeath said...


Dayvoe said...

She's mess-hugger.