What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 22, 2011


Maria's on my TEEVEE now!

First segment.

Maria more than held her own. Some typical tea party talking points about how "we don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem."

Maria pointed out that taxes are at a historical low. One panelist posed the laughable position of lowering the debt ceiling.

Second segment

Second segment is on Marcellus fracking. Typical discussion. Right wingers doubting marcellus shale drilling is safe and that there's no need for a tax.

Third segment

This segment is on gay history being taught in California. Dale McCoy, the tea party guy, thinks it's "reprehensible." He confuses the contributions of gay Americans with teaching about "homosexuality." He doesn't want "homosexuality" "foisted on him." Maria thinks that everyone should be included in history.

Dale embarrassed himself in this segment.

Fourth segment

Gay marriage.

Maria has to explain the phrase "tyranny of the majority" to Bob Hillen. He asked where in the Constitution it's found. Dale McCoy doesn't understand why gay couples want to be recognized by the state. Dale doesn't think that two men or two women are the healthiest of situations. Dale doesn't understand why the gays have to be so public. PJ Maloney seems kinda perturbed with him. Dale, while he says he doesn't have a problem with what two people do in the privacy of their own homes, still thinks that homosexuality is abnormal.

Maria's doing a good job on this segment. Dale, not so much.

Fifth segment

Continuation of gay marriage discussion. Dale doesn't like the idea that they're teaching homosexuality as normal. I'm thinking Bob Hillen must be relieved that Dale is there. By comparision, Bob looks less nutty.

Sixth segment


Conservatives on the panel just want the immigration laws to be enforced. Dale thinks we should pull out all the troops out of Libya and then they should be posted on the Mexican border. Dale wants the unemployed to harvest crops. Two years of unemployment is too long for Dale.

Seventh segment

The Pirates


EdHeath said...

There is so much I could say ...

Maria did quite well, especially considering she was outnumbered. When Bob Hillen said that the existing laws on immigration should be enforced, I immediately thought about the times that industrial facilities like meat or poultry processing facilities are raided by ICE and yet the company itself (like Smithfield or Perdue) and the company's officers are given at most a slap on the wrist. Illegal aliens or undocumented workers come here because there are jobs waiting for them. We are trying to guard the border, but we are doing next to nothing to stop companies from giving illegals jobs. Maybe we can put three or four divisions on the border and stop people from coming in that way, but we will start getting Mexicans traveling to Canada or sailing into the Gulf of Mexico or what have you.

that Dale McCoy showed little sign of being anything close to a libertarian. He basically wants to shove his ideas down my throat, probably violently.

Maria said...

Thanks for watching!

I did screw up in not mentioning David!!!

Dayvoe said...

Aw, that's OK - you had your hands full with Mr Democrat/Tea Party and Mr Republican/Conservative.

Where could you have mentioned me anyway?

Was PJ as perturbed with Dale as he appeared on TV?

Maria said...

I'd say incredulous at what was being put out there.

And, CRAP! Was supposed to be repeated at 10, but Dr. Oz is on...will have to wait til 2 AM.

Dayvoe said...

Curious to see how he'll blog on it at his blog.