What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 31, 2011

Some Passing Thoughts...

From Thinkprogress:
The rumored deals flying around Washington today all sound pretty bad. And how could they not be? The White House started with a position that:
1. Failure to raise the debt ceiling is unacceptable.
2. The country should enact substantial deficit reduction in 2011.
3. Any deficit reduction package must include revenue increases.
But (1) and (3) were in significant tension. The White House strategy for getting (3) was to persuade the public that (3) was the correct position. They did that, and all polls showed that public opinion was on their side. But then an underpants gnome problem arose. They didn’t dissolve parliament and call for a snap election. Eric Cantor said “no” and once he said “no,” (1) collided with (3) and the White House dropped (3). Once you’re there, how is the deal not going to be bad?
And in conclusion:
I actually think that whatever the contours of the deal, at this point the biggest damage is to the overall system of government. Obama has successfully transformed massive debt ceiling hostage taking from an act of breathtakingly irresponsible brinksmanship into a proven effective negotiating tactic.
Many thanks to the Compromiser-in-Chief. Many, many thanks.


Bram Reichbaum said...

There's still time if Obama + Reid want to show Boehner + Cantor HOW BRINKSMANSHIP IS DONE.

Threaten to veto the Reid + McConnell bill, put "a balanced approach" on the table (which is overwhelmingly popular), wait past Aug 3rd, sweat them out over the *slow* bad consequences that begin rolling out, and then pass A GOOD BUDGET FOR AMERICA.

They tea partiers will respect that you refused to raise the debt ceiling without reducing debt bigtime.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Or, he could go the other way entirely.


Maybe this is Pelosi's big moment.

Maria said...

Because something is overwhelmingly popular doesn't mean it's right.

Pass a clean bill like we've done 74 times before.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Tough to do that when one house of Congress is dangling a vial of poison over Gotham's water supply.

Have to keep reminding myself of that fact.