What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 5, 2011

A challenger for Bob Casey?

Via Politico:
Pennsylvania Republicans may finally be closing in on a viable recruit to take on Democratic Sen. Bob Casey: wealthy businessman Steve Welch.

Welch met with National Republican Senatorial Committee officials this week in Washington, POLITICO has learned. People familiar with his thinking say Welch is considering a run more seriously than when GOPers first tried to recruit him earlier in the year.
Welch made a run for Congress last year but aborted his efforts when Jim Gerlach got back into the race. You can still see Welch's campaign website here.

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Piltdown Man said...

Welch has the one thing that the GOP loves; money. He is rich and can self-fund his campaign. It allows him to avoid all that pesky fundraising and dealing with actual constituents...