What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 27, 2011

"John McIntire Dangerously Live Comedy Talk Show" Tonight!

We may have had an earthquake this week, but we're not in the path of Hurricane Irene, so come on out tonight!

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WHAT: John McIntire Dangerously Live Comedy Talk Show with Gab Bonesso
"How's Barry Obama doin'? As well as he could? Not nearly good enough? We're all screwed no matter what? Comedy and Yapping! With Featured Comedian Gab Bonesso, 2 Political Junkies Maria Lupinacci, Activist Khari Mosley, former GOP Mayoral candidate Mark DeSantis! Be there and be Theater Square!"

WHEN: Saturday, August 27 at 10:30pm - August 28 at 12:30am

WHERE: Cabaret At Theater Square, 655 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh (map)

COST: CHEAP! Tickets: $5.00 at the door / No Charge for District Patrons

More info here and here.


EdHeath said...

Good show. The small-ish crowd was not surprising considering the game.

The one thing I think did not get said is whether if Obama did start to push back against his opponents, would he be seen as the "Angry Black Man"?

Further, as Khari Mosley pointed out, minorities (including African Americans) have been hit harder in this recession than white men (unemployment rates of as high as 20% versus rates as low as 4% for people with graduate degrees, African American wealth levels falling by 50% versus something like 17% for white wealth).

But if Obama had pushed a WPA-like program for the unemployed, would Republicans whisper or even scream that Obama was helping African Americans at the expense of whites?

After all, Obama is a Kenyan born secret Muslim terrorist associating socialistic black man. He is just fooling us by following through on a campaign promise to try to end discord in Washington by offering the Republicans what they want when he has proposed policies. Soon Obama will suddenly strike and tear apart the fabric of America by ordering us to treat gays and minorities as if they are real people.

I think Mark DeSantis is wrong, government can create jobs (in extreme circumstances, like now). But the jobs are only temporary (although important and worthwhile), like working on bridges and/or highways. And maybe (temporarily employed) unemployed factory workers could spend part of their work day getting retrained. Meanwhile, the paycheck they receive would help stimulate demand so the private sector might start hiring again.

Gary said...

"Small-ish" crowd is a McIntire standard. John's act is the absolute shits.