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August 2, 2011

The Trib On The Debt Ceiling

Again, it's what they leave out that matters most.

From today's editorial page at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:
"Saving" the nation from an anticipated default caused by Washington's own fiscal disregard, the deal cobbled together Sunday in the 11th hour amounts to yet another excuse for even more egregious spending -- not a course correction.
No mention of the fact that most of that "egregious spending" happened while a Republican was in the White House.

And then there's this:
What the nation gets, instead, is a short-term "fix" that raises the arbitrary debt ceiling, which already has been jacked up 11 times in the past decade. This continues the same ineffectual thinking, the same partisan brinkmanship masquerading as a fool's definition of leadership.
Yes, that's all true. But not in the way the Braintrust wants you to think.

Jacked up 11 times in the last decade. So that's 4 under Obama and 7 under Bush. Think Progress has a chart:

Look at how many times the debt ceiling was raised under Dubya. Look at how much it was raised by. Look at how many GOP Senators voted for it.

The "partisan brinkmanship" the Trib derides is simply this. It's Ok If You Are A Republican.

Did you know that Republican Presidents have raised the debt ceiling much much more than their Democratic counterparts in the last 30 years? The debt ceiling was raised almost 200% under Ronald Reagan alone.Again, a chart:Betcha didn't know that.

Tell me again about the liberal media?

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