What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 23, 2011


Wow! I've never actually felt an earthquake before. Made me jump!


spork_incident said...

Yep...felt it here, too. M'house swayed for a coupla seconds. 5.8 in Virginia.



EdHeath said...

My co-workers near the outside wall felt it. I share an interior office with this guy, neither of us felt a thing (slept right through it?).

Twitter is all a titter (or all a twitter) about it.

Maria said...

I was on my couch which is against an exterior wall and I thought the corner of my house was crumbling down and jumped up right as it stopped. It was very confusing! I've heard you usually feel them more strongly by rivers and I'm not so very many blocks away from the Mon.

My sister works at the Library of Congress and they had some cracked walls and were evacuated.