What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 20, 2011

PSO Ticket Giveaway!

Along with blogging here at 2PJ, I occasionally blog for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

This week we were given the opportunity to GIVE AWAY TWO TICKETS to Friday's concert.

So here's the deal: In the comments and in one sentence or less, give me a good reason why you (and no one else) should get Friday's tickets.

It's 9:45 Tuesday night right now.  I'll randomly select a comment from all the comments made in the next 24 hours.  (Actually, I'll assign each a number and then find a random number generator on line to pick one of them for me.)

Good luck!


UPDATE: Congratulations on Joe AND Jennifer!  Since there were only two commenters (and how embarrassing for me!) I was able to scrounge up a pair of tickets for each.


Joe said...

Will George Vosburg opt for taste or volume-I have to know!

JenEngland said...

I already gave away all my extra money to good causes, so I can't afford to buy tickets!