What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 29, 2011

Watchin' Teh Crazie

It's always a good idea to take a peek at what teh crazies are thinking. What was once the far fringe of the GOP is now pouring the tea at the party.

So where's the fringe now?

Secession, dissolution of the union. Thus spake Robert Ringer at crazie central, WND.

Writing as "The Voice of Sanity" Ringer lays out his plan like this:
Those who believe in big government could take one half of the country and regulate, tax and redistribute wealth to their heart's content. Within a few short years, of course, it would become a U.S. version of North Korea, devoid of civil liberties and mired in poverty, but, hey, we all get the government we deserve.

After giving the left first choice, conservatives and libertarians could then take the other half of the country – any half would be just fine – and implement a free-market economy that would be as close to laissez-faire capitalism as possible. In a short period of time, it would become a U.S. version of South Korea (or the U.S. itself in the days of yore), with explosive wealth creation and maximum freedom for its citizens.
His argument, such as it is, is based on a set of false pretenses:
The truth, of course, is that the U.S., like Europe, is socially and economically beyond repair. Yet, the answer from the left is always the same – take more money from small businesses and working people and redistribute it to handpicked corporations, special-interest groups, and government employees and bureaucrats. .

The problem is that there soon will be no wealth to redistribute. Sure, progressive politicians can keep the redistribution vote-buying scam going for a while longer, but, ultimately, a Greek ending is unavoidable. And when that happens, rioting in the U.S. will be much more violent than in Greece, because people have gotten used to a considerably higher standard of living than working people in Greece and the rest of Europe. .

Now, here's where it gets complicated. While the left continues to rev up its class-warfare strategy, there are tens of millions of Americans – primarily libertarians and conservatives – who want the government to butt out. Specifically, they want to drastically cut back on government's usurped powers to regulate, tax, redistribute wealth, and interfere in the economy and people's lives.
That "the left" is taking money from (among others) "working people" and giving it to (again, among others) corporations.

But according to Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson, that's just what the GOP is planning:
Come January, the Republicans plan to raise the taxes of anyone who earns $50,000 a year by $1,000, and anyone who makes $100,000 by $2,000.

Their tax hike doesn’t apply to income from investments. It doesn’t apply to any wage income in excess of $106,800 a year. It’s the payroll tax that they want to raise — to 6.2 percent from 4.2 percent of your paycheck, a level established for one year in December’s budget deal at Democrats’ insistence. Unlike the capital gains tax, or the low tax rates for the rich included in the Bush tax cuts, or the carried interest tax for hedge fund operators (which is just 15 percent), the payroll tax chiefly hits the middle class and the working poor.
Do I need to continue analyzing Teh Crazie?

In any event, that's what's going on on the right wing fringe at the WND; Faked Birth Certificates, Scary Sharia behind every shadow, and splitting the Union in two.


EdHeath said...

I don't know if Robert Ringer is considered an important voice on the right or not, but I seem to recall various conservative commenters (trolls) calling for liberal readers of this blog to throw repudiate (throw under the bus) various Democrats and/or liberals. Do conservatives think that splitting the US is a good idea? Of course, their motivation for wanting to do that comes only from the obvious socialism of Obama, there is no other reason. I mean, liberals say Obama is making concessions, but if he is really serious about compromising with Republicans, he would put Rush Limbaugh in the oval office and act as Limbaugh's sla...uh, servant.

Meanwhile, how many conservatives here think that splitting the country would be a good, patriotic thing to do? How is it not giving the terrorists exactly what they wanted?

Winding down said...

Country is already split...ideologically....those who produce tax revenue and those who decide how to distribute. We will always have criminal element with us... Real criminals felony/misdemeanor crimes... We will always have a very small group of raging-marchers- in - the -street.....who fills their rice nowl? Who makes their bail? Who gives them food and shelter and provides medical coverage? Do they have skills an employer will pay for? Are they willing to risk time and money to create a business? Hey march ...see you tonight...

Winding down said...

Rice Bowl not nowl