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September 22, 2011

Yep, They're STILL At It!

From today's Tribune-Review:
De facto amnesty for an estimated 300,000 illegal aliens is not merely an Obama administration end run around a Congress opposed to such coddling. It also hamstrings an economy struggling to create jobs -- and is especially harmful to younger, less-educated jobless Americans. In a new report, Steven A. Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies (cis.org), says this administration is allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals who'd otherwise be deported to stay here and to apply for work authorization, too.
We've danced this dance before, haven't we? A few times. So let's look at how others view CIS. First there's John Micek over at Capital Ideas. He was writing about some hearings run by another friend of ours, Daryl Metcalfe:
The range of experts appearing before lawmakers today suggests that Mr. Metcalfe -- as is common knowledge hereabouts -- has already made up his mind. The witnesses include Michael Bekesha, of the conservative Judicial Watch, which has received funding from the Scaife Foundation; the Center for Immigration Studies, whose research has been called into question by the Southern Poverty Law Center; the Tea Party Immigration Coalition and several others, including a police chief from Beaver Meadows, Pa., and a member of the American Legion.
And this is what (from the link above) the SPLC has to say about the CIS:
Although the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) bills itself as an "independent" think tank that seeks "to expand the base of public knowledge"about immigration, the Washington, D.C.-based group is only interested in one thing. CIS's reams of reports, as well as its blog postings, editorials, and frequent panels and press conferences, incessantly push the idea that America's immigration system is an unadulterated evil and that the only way to save America from impending doom is to cut drastically the number of immigrants. CIS has blamed immigrants, both legal and undocumented, for everything from terrorism to global warming. To make its case seem as strong as possible, CIS often manipulates data, relying on shaky statistics or faulty logic to come to the preordained conclusion that immigration is bad for this country. But CIS studies have been regularly debunked by mainstream academics and think tanks including the Immigration Policy Center, the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities and America's Voice.
But I guess that's ok.  I mean if one of your main sources of foundation money actually owns a newspaper and that newspaper regularly quotes your "research", it's more or less inconsequential that that research gets debunked by mainstream academics.

Another lesson on the rightwing noise machine.

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