What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 17, 2011

Mellon Green

I took a swing through Mellon Green today at lunch time.  It was very cool.  The place seems to be populated with some very dedicated people.  There's a media tent, a medical tent and a food tent.

The indispensable CP has the scoop on the food.  Lookslike they're needing some other stuff there, too.

Jon Delano was there doing a story:

I was there as he was filming. See?

Message to the cool folks I met in the media tent: When Delano's doing a story on you, you've arrived.

Kudos. Kudos to you all.

Place was so cool, I may stop by again tomorrow - if only in a feeble attempt to get some of the cool to rub off on me.

Occupy Pittsburgh.

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