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October 26, 2011

Mitt, Meet The 99%

An astute reader who's a member of Occupy Pittsburgh emailed in earlier today with the news that Occupy Pittsburgh will be protesting Mitt Romney's visit tomorrow.

McNulty has the scoop:
With presidential candidate Mitt Romney coming to town to hold two fundraisers at the Consol Energy Center tomorrow, the protestors from Occupy Pittsburgh are promising to make the quick trip from Mellon Green to the hockey rink to counter the appearance.
And they released a full statement:
Members of Occupy Pittsburgh will rally outside of the Console Energy Center Thursday October 27th at 10:30 AM while former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney hosts the Republican Committee of Allegheny County's (RCAC) fundraiser there until noon.

After the fundraiser benefitting RCAC, which costs just $60, Romney will host a luncheon fundraiser for his Presidential campaign. Lunch with the candidate will cost $1000. Lunch and a photograph with him will cost $2,500.

With a personal fortune around $200 Million, Romney is referred to as the “banksters’ choice” for the 2012 Presidential election with $2.3 Million from donors linked to the finance industry in his campaign coffers. In fact, a list of his top 20 donors is composed almost entirely of world’s largest banks including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase. As a member of the 1 percent controlling much of American’s wealth, Romney made millions at the helm of a venture capital/management consulting company which at times used leveraged buyouts to make huge fees which helped send a company into bankruptcy.

In his quest for the Presidency, Romney has done about-faces on numerous social and financial issues to come into line with the national Republican party platform. His own party members have challenged him on his “flip-flops,” as 2008 Republican Presidential nominee John McCain termed Romney’s changing views.

Romney has called the non-violent Occupy Movement, “dangerous class warfare.” Knowing who his supporters are is the key to knowing exactly what sort of danger the Occupy movement poses to Romney.
My astute reader ads:
There bullhorn is be in people's hands. We hope to construct a little soapbox / milk crate platform for speakers to stand upon with it, as the people gather around and amplify speakers comments using the People's Mic.
They still have the 1st Amendment right to protest, right?  Just checking.

And if the Communications Team wants to send me any press releases directly, they can.

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