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October 15, 2011

Occupy Pittsburgh Update

From Vidonic of the Trib:
BNY Mellon said Friday it won't block Occupy Pittsburgh from accessing the banking company's Mellon Green park during today's protests.

"We support the right of the marchers to be heard," company spokeswoman Lane Cigna said, adding, "We trust they will be peaceful and respectful."
And they've done some work, too:
BNY Mellon employees yesterday erected fences around the park's fountain and between grassy areas and sidewalks, though they didn't install fencing along Grant Street.

"We have introduced a modest safety buffer to facilitate employee access to our buildings and public access to the subway," Cigna said.
Though Vidonic adds that it's unclear what would happen if the occupation is long term.

Potter of the CP offers up some thoughts on Mellon:
True, when it comes to fucking up the entire global economy, Mellon is not in the same league as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup or Bank of America. Still, the bank has made numerous appearances in the headlines recently ... because it's been accused of exactly the kind of behavior that spawned the occupy movement in the first place.
It's sins? Potter outlines some outrageous CEO compensation that occurred a few weeks after Mellon reduced its workforce by 3% and it's $670 million tax refund in 2010.  In light of all that, the Slag Heap supervisor wonders whether making nice with the Occupy Pittsburgh might be a good PR move.

Of course, Potter's right.

Occupy Pittsburgh.

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