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October 25, 2011

Occupy Pittsburgh Update

From their website:
Breaking news:
An anonymous source through the Pittsburgh police department has informed us that the camp may be searched tonight or tomorrow.
UPDATE: From occupypgh twitter account at about 8:58pm:
general assembly approves statement re presumed police search tonight or tomorrow - details coming soon
A tweet from Mellon Green:


From the website, the approved statement:
Action Alert: Call for Solidarity;

Occupy Pittsburgh has received word that police may be planning an action at the Occupy Pittsburgh camp at BNY Mellon Green in the next two days.

This could be our first test in protecting our occupation from corporate and police interference. Please take a minute to read this alert, and take action to spread the word far and wide.

Occupy Pittsburgh must send a message that our occupation is strong, growing and self-sufficient. Police presence is unnecessary and unwarranted.

The police action could occur at any time during the next two days so we must be alert and ready to provide support in the form of solidarity and people's media.


1) Call 311 and tell Mayor Ravenstahl to support our right to assemble and to not interfere with Occupy Pittsburgh.

2) Check www.occupypittsburgh.org, follow @OccupyPgh on Twitter or "like" us at facebook.com/OccupyPGH to find out if or when a raid occurs. Or get in touch with someone you may know at the camp so that you may be contacted.

3) Spend time at the camp or be ready to come and assist when the call is put out that police are present.

4) Bring a camera or smart phone to record police-occupier interactions.

5) If you are arrested or you see someone being arrested, please call the ACLU at 412-681-7736. [Note: this number will soon be updated with an Occupy Pittsburgh legal support number.]

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