What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 9, 2011

Occupy Pittsburgh

The website is up.

The next event is today at 3-6 in Shenley Plaza.  From the website:
2nd General Assembly
All are welcome
October 9, 2011
4:30 - 6 pm

Meet & Greet before the Assembly:
3 - 4:30 pm
Schenley Plaza
4100 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
From the website:


EdHeath said...

A few thoughts about Occupy Wall Street (OWS):

First, those of us looking in from the outside, we wondered if OWS has specific ideas of why they are protesting. Well, as I read more about it, there are descriptions of endless meetingsthat seem like they will be replicated here. Looking at the Occupy Pittsburgh website, at the huge goals page with the ironic line at the bottom that this endless list is "not all inclusive", the problem isn't a lack of message. I am reminded of Mystery Science Theatre's take on a movie called "Space Mutiny" (I won't try to describe it, take it out of the library, you'll thank me).

Second, back on October fifth, Paul Krugman commented on his blog that the OWS protestors might be "his army" (as suggested by Rich Yeselson on yet someone else's blog). Thoughts?

Finally, what do we really want? I don't want nationalize banks, I don't want to nationalize Universities, or nationalize the entire economy. I don't mind the idea of holding individuals in banks and other financial institutions responsible for their behavior, but even better would be to reinstate Glass-Steagall and introduce other strong regulaitons of the financial sector. I wouldn't mind ending subsidies to oil and coal companies. I wouldn't mind better access to colleges and universities, perhaps through increased funding to public higher education. I even believe that the Republican party of the 1960's would agree with my goals.

But Republicans now play all the angles. Paul Ryan today on the Meet the Press said that tax cuts don't create jobs, an astonishing reversal uttered solely to portray Obama as being partisan when he proposes tx cuts to get Republican support. Sp apparently ordinary people do need to take to the streets.

rich10e said...

let's hope OWS Pgh is smarter than this group of muggles in Atlanta!!!


EdHeath said...

Well, rich, that video is a remarkable display of stupidity. Even though it is a conservative video, it doesn't look to be be edited (except to to the extent of when it stops and starts). I think someone should talk to the guy who shouted "John Lewis is no better than anyone else". I suspect Mr. Lewis would agree, but would have eloquent and interesting things to say on that subject, because of his life experience.

All that said, I have to say I have some respect for even those protestors, in a particular way, because they really are trying to make sure that every voice is heard. Of course that is impractical in the real world, or even in the make believe world of protesting. And they need to learn that lesson sometime soon. Still, better to have started from trying to listen than from following a leader blindly.

Actually, it sounds like the Pittsburgh Occupy Together people may have already learned that lesson because of their own experiences in protesting.

rich10e said...

Ed you're a wizard among muggles !!

EdHeath said...

Joan Walsh, of Salon dot com has an interesting and revealing take on that John Lewis - Occupy Together group video in Atlanta. You may not agree with her, but it is hard to deny the logic of what she says.