What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 15, 2011

Photos from Occupy Pittsburgh

Photos from the march/rally happening now in Pittsburgh (courtesy of Joy Sabl):


Dayvoe said...

The Trib is reporting (via their twitter feed) that the Police estimate the crowd marching to be about 2000.

Dayvoe said...

Potter just added via the City Paper twitter feed that:

As the Square fills, it seems clear that whatever the exact headcount, this event tops any Tea Party rally I have attended here.

Joy said...

My estimate's ~1,300, but I estimate pretty darn conservatively. Somehow the Trib came up with only 500 (way too low, though perhaps they missed the main body of the march, and estimated only from market square).

I want to point out that the police and crossing guards at the barricades were super helpful. I asked 4 or 5, both for the info and to gauge their sentiment and professionalism, and they told me that the march had not started yet at 11:15 (true) and (correctly, and spontaneously, without me asking) how to get to both Freedom Corner and Market Square. A couple wished me a nice day. Our local police are so very different from some of the out-of-towners they brought in for the G20. (I remember the CO cops as being extra "attitudinal," and am not surprised--though I am disappointed in Hickenlooper--that things went rotten in Denver.) I really hope that we can proceed with respect and no provocation on either side of the line, here, given the good attitudes shown today.