What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 21, 2011

There are more of us

While you may have seen the first few seconds or so of this video on the news, I implore you to watch the entire thing (8:34):

This to me sums up the Occupy Movement in a nutshell. The forces in control (with the might) -- whether that be Wall Street or the police who do their bidding, and whether that be a rigged economic game or pepper spray, swat down the rest of us -- but, there are more of us than them. That's the whole idea of the Occupy Movement. We are the 99% and we've woken to the injustice and we're not shutting up or going away.

Every time the powers that be tried to overreact and squash the protestors in NYC, the movement -- and outrage -- only got bigger and eventually spread all over the country. And, while no one seems to have figured out yet what the next step should be, the vast overreach by those in power have woken a sleeping giant and the Masters of the Universe are frightened (as they should be). They're frightened because there are more of us than them.

(Also, read this to be reminded, if you need to, the larger implications of the police actions in this video.)


Ol' Froth said...

This is an unreasonable use of force. A similar event occurd a decade ago when anti-logging protesters secured themselves with "black bears" and sat down in Congressman Frank Rigg's office lobby. Pepper spray was applied to Q-tips and then wiped in the protesters' eyes to get them to release. The case is Humboldt County vs. Burton and was ruled as an unreasonable use of force. UC Davis better get the checkbook out.

Link: http://www.trialinsider.com/?p=1012

Lefty said...

The video does not show what precipitated the use of force, so it is not a clear picture. were they blocking an ambulance or other emergency vehicle? Why did the police need to clear that particular walkway?

Maria Lupinacci said...

Oh, Lefty! The police have already been suspended and the Chancellor has apologized. They needed to clear that particular walkway (Note : WALKLWAY, not roadway for emergency vehicles) because they felt like it. And, if there was an emergency in progress, why take your time to slowly spray them three times?

Try another one.

Lefty said...

They were suspended without an investigation or a minimal investigation, I am assuming. I wasn't there, and again I'm assuming you weren't there and do not have all of the facts to make an accurate assesment of what was right or wrong with regard to the procedures that were utilized.

Let me ask you, what training do you have in crowd-dispersal? What is your knowledge of the local procedures with UC-Davis and the need to move or not move people from a walkway. Are you sure that the protestors were not hampering the normal course of business for that particular area.

But you show a snippet of a video and condemn people. Try antoher one.