What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 20, 2011

Now THIS Is Embarrassing - Even For The Trib

From today's Christmas Takes:

Wow if a eco-wacko as devout as Prince Charles says all that about wind power, it must be true, right?  I mean the words are coming from Prince Charles, devout eco-wacko, right?

Um, no.

From the DailyMail:
Prince Philip has launched an outspoken attack on wind farms, branding them ‘absolutely useless’.

In comments that put him sharply at odds with the Government, the Prince reportedly said the farms were a ‘disgrace’ and they would never work.

He also described people who backed them as believing in a ‘fairy tale’.
And so on...

Hey, braintrust!  This is Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales:

And the guy on the left (that is to say, the old guy on the Queen's right) is Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, the prince's father:

If you can't even get such a simple fact like that right, how can we trust you on more complicated stuff like climate change?

Ha.  I made a funny.


spork_incident said...

To top it off, even many admirers of the Windsors concede that Philip is a bit thick.


EdHeath said...

I have never read anything about Charles bad mouthing wind turbines. But to be fair, this piece in Treehugger mentions in the fifth paragraph that "Prince Charles has also refused to have any built on his land."

The royal family apparently does have some wind turbines on some family owned landed, which they make money on.