What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 4, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Iowa Caucus by 8 Votes Over Rick Santorum

Just announced by Iowa GOP Chairman:

Mitt Romney: 30,015 Votes

Rick Santorum: 30,007 Votes


rich10e said...

for the pure political junkie, regardless of party affiliation, it was a very interesting election and surprising outcome.

SamStone said...

2008 Iowa democrats voted Mike Huckabee (34%), Mitt Romney (25%), Fred Thompson (13%), John McCain (13%), Ron Paul (10%), Rudy Giuliani (4%), and Duncan Hunter (1%). McCain started with 13% in Iowa and got the party nomination, so it is still wide open.

The 34% Huckabee supporters generally moved to Santorum. Independents and probably many dem's switched parties to vote for Ron Paul.

I think it is still between Romney and Gingrich, who will take NH and SC, respectively.

As long as Iowa votes continues to vote for the Huckabee's and Santorum's, they have little to offer in terms of political insight.

Just A Blogger said...

I am not an expert, but I predict that Romney will win the GOP nomination.