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January 7, 2012

Sue Gets Some National Recognition!

Congratulations to Sue Kerr (she of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents) for getting some big time recognition!

By Michelangelo Signorile at Huffingtonpost.  Signorile is writing about our favorite ex-Senator Rick Santorum and his former spokesman, Robert Traynhan:
At the same time that Rick Santorum's 19-year-old daughter Elizabeth emerged on the campaign trail talking about "gay friends" who support her father, Santorum's former Senate communications director, a gay man named Robert Traynham, popped up on "Hardball" defending Santorum. All this while Santorum continues to get booed and jeered at campaign appearances all over New Hampshire for his stance on marriage equality.

More interesting is how Traynham, now a political analyst with a show on the Comcast Network in DC, seems to have previously purged his former boss from his past, perhaps seeing him as radioactive to a career in media. Pittsburgh blogger Sue Kerr had written a blog post just a week ago (before Traynham surfaced in the media) titled, "What Ever Happened to the Gay Guy Who Worked for Santorum?" in which she noted that Traynham has gone on to an illustrious career but doesn't mention anywhere in his bio on his website that he worked for Santorum
Sue, I love you to pieces but I am so envious right now I will be grumpily sulking over this for months - MONTHS I TELL YOU!!

Just kidding.  Congratulations, Sue!!

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Sue said...

Good think you have a wife to comfort you! LOL. Thanks for the post. Actually, I'm more pleased that I beat Chris Matthews to the "where is Robert Traynham" thread ...