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April 16, 2012

Monday Morning Dot Connecting (As If)

It's Monday, so the Trib's obfuscating (note: that phrase also works for all the other days of the week, too).  It's interesting that Scaife's braintrust is using its valuable column space to make some very tenuous connections while omitting some very real connections of its own.

Take a look:
Neither law enforcement nor the public can afford to be lulled into thinking that the Occupy movement, its encampments mostly gone, is no longer a concern -- especially with some Occupiers taking cues from terroristic Weather Underground predecessors.

Rusty Weiss details for America's Survival Inc. (usasurvival.org) a March 3 event in upstate New York. Promoted and attended by Occupy Albany and hosted by a co-founder of the radical group, it celebrated an imprisoned Weatherman terrorist's new book.
Did you see it?

Did you see who the braintrust referenced?

It's a website called usasurvival.org and we've been there before.  BTW, that link leads to a Trib editorial where the braintrust joins America's Survival in denouncing the FBI for seeming "hellbent on exonerating  al-Qaida."  The reason?  The bureau wasn't automatically pinning those anthrax attacks on al-Qaida - it was looking at domestic terrorists instead.  I kid you not.

Anyway, should we follow the money?  There are two listings for "America's Survivial" at Media Matters.  When you follow the links you find that of the $956,000 granted to America's Survival, $945,000 came directly from foundations controlled by Richard Mellon Scaife.

For those without a calculator, that's 98.9%.

The "link" between the Occupy movement and the Weather Underground is "established" by one two hour forum discussion in Troy, New York in early March, 2012 but the hundreds of thousands of dollars Scaife's funneled to his "news" source go unmentioned.

This is how the right wing noise machine works.

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