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April 3, 2012

Western PA Mayors Fall Short on Support for Same-Sex Marriage

The Post-Gazette has an article about the group Mayors for the Freedom to Marry. In it, they note that of the nine PA mayors who have signed a statement of support for same-sex marriage, only two are from the western two-thirds of the state. If you've been paying attention, you already know that Lil Mayor Luke is not one of them:
Joanna Doven, a spokeswoman for Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, said he does not support gay marriage and would not sign the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry statement. She noted Mr. Ravenstahl does support civil unions and legislation that gives benefits to same-sex couples.

Mr. Fetterman noted that many things that were once taboo in a variety of religious traditions -- including divorce -- are now permitted.

"Thus, I shouldn't have to point out the irony of dissolving a 'traditional' marriage -- a major 'sin' and affront to the religious beliefs of many -- while concurrently denying gays institutional access on those same theological grounds," he said in an email.

Mr. Fetterman said civil unions don't go far enough, calling them "the 'colored' drinking fountains of today."

"Pittsburgh will never fully realize its rightful place as one of this nation's premier cities until the leadership supports same-sex marriage," he said.

City Councilman Bill Peduto, a likely challenger to Mr. Ravenstahl in next year's election, said he would support Mayors for the Freedom to Marry.

"Fairness and equality are the basis of this country," he said. "Supporting same-sex marriage is something I've supported throughout my career."

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