What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 23, 2012

A bad day for pedophiles and their enablers in PA

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While the survivors of their violence will have to deal with what happened to them for years to come, at least one serial predator and one serial enabler has met with some justice in Pennsylvannia:
  • Jerry Sandusky convicted on 45 of 48 counts. It should have come a lot sooner.

  • Monsignor William Lynn convicted of child endangerment -- becomes the first U.S. church official convicted of a crime for how he handled abuse claims.
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    Sue said...

    I'd like to see some of the Paterno apologists man up and take responsibility for their idiotic hero worship. I can't wait for the "shark" lawyers to go after the Penn State endowment and the Paterno estate. The kids deserve every penny they can get.

    There are some prominent local folks - running elections - who owe survivors everywhere an apology for being dumbasses. An apology that will never, evern come.