What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 8, 2012

"Save Our Public Transit!" March and Rally Today

(From coverage of a previous rally)

WHAT: "Save Our Public Transit!" March and Rally
WHEN: Today! Friday, June 8, 2012, 3:00pm until 5:00pm.
WHERE: 11 Stanwix Street (the corner of Stanwix St and Fort Pitt Blvd in Downtown Pittsburgh), Downtown Pittsburgh
More info at Facebook event page here and at Pittsburghers for Public Transit website.


Conservative Mountaineer said...

Save transit. Pay a reasonable fare. Cut wages and benefits. Fire excess management. Reduce pensions and other payouts.


EdHeath said...

Well, certainly I can agree with the excessive management part. I would hope that some kind of wage and benefit reform (with increases no more than inflation (currently effectively zero) for a foreseeable future) would be possible.

As for a reasonable fare, I wonder if we would agree on what that is.

Maria said...


Pittsburgh bus fare is now $2.25. It will go up to $2.50 on July 1st.

Here are current bus fares for other cities:

NYC: $2.25

Cleveland $2.25

Chicago: $2.25 for cash, $2.00 with Farecard

Miami: $2.00

Cincinnati: $1.75

D.C.: $1.50 using SmarTrip, $1.70 using cash

Detroit: $1.50

So I guess you think all these other cities have too low fares....

Conservative Mountaineer said...

PAT has the highest wages and a fare that doesn't match. And, yes I think all the fares are too low. Come into the 21st Century.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Better yet - Eliminate PAT and it sucking off taxpayers. Or, eliminate the Union, a good start to eliminating ALL public sector unions. ALL.

Maria said...

Yes, by all means. Let's raise fares everywhere as there is no public interest in encouraging people to take public transportation.


Hey, can we bring WAGES into the 21st Century too?