What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 6, 2012


First, President Obama at a campaign event in Sandusky, Ohio:
At one point, he consoled a crying woman, Stephanie Miller, who was telling him a story.

President Barack Obama, right, talks to Stephanie Miller after speaking at an ice cream social at Washington Park in Sandusky, Ohio, Thursday, July 5, 2012. Miller's sister, Kelly Hines, died from colon cancer four years ago. She could not afford proper health insurance, had no employer-provided coverage, and "even after she was diagnosed with cancer, she was told her income was too high for Medicaid," Miller said. Miller thanked Obama for the getting the Affordable Health Act passed.

Miller, reached by phone afterward, said her sister, Kelly Hines, died from colon cancer four years ago because she could not afford proper health insurance. She had no employer-provided coverage

"Even after she was diagnosed with cancer, she was told her income was too high for Medicaid," Ms. Miller said. "I thanked him for the getting the Affordable Health Act passed," she said.
And now, Senator Mitch McConnell on, of course, Fox "News":
Pressed by Chris Wallace to say what he would do to insure the 30 million people who will get insurance under Obamacare, McConnell at first dodged the question, instead launching into a litany of complaints about the law. He repeated the debunked claim that it would cut $500 billion from Medicare. Asked the question again by Wallace, McConnell actually laughed, and said he’d “get to it in a minute,” before claiming the best thing we can do for the health system overall is to get rid of the law and all of its “cuts” to health providers. He labeled Obamacare a “monstrosity” and vowed that there would not be a “2,700 page” Republican reform bill.

Asked a third time how Republicans would insure those 30 million people, McConnell said: “That is not the issue. The question is how you can go step by step to improve the American health care system.”
Allowing a few people to die so that the GOP "improvements" can be implemented step-by-step - that's the plan.

This from the pro-life party.


Conservative Mountaineer said...

Sobbing Ohio Woman at Obama Campaign Stop Just Happens to Be “Obama’s Best Fan”

Her Twitter handle is obamasbestfan. She is hateful.

Can you say "plant"?

EdHeath said...

I remember there was a guy who back in 2003 or so, wanted to put an anti-Bush sign on his own lawn as the Bush motorcade passed, and the Secret Service (presumably at the direction of the President and Karl Rove) made the guy take down his sign and leave his house.

So is the Sandusky woman hateful for liking Obama, or because she has a sister who died? Are all people who have relatives who die from treatable illnesses and worked full time but don't have health insurance because the company executives care more about profits and thus their own salaries than in keeping American workers healthy and hus productive.

Maybe the Sandusky woman is hateful because she's not a Chinese woman taking an American job. Isn't that the Bain Capital way?

Dubtunes said...

The republicans just don't like Obama for whatever reason.

As a result hey will just not support him on anything. Whether it is fixing the problems with real estate in Ohio or Jobs in Ohio.

They will not help because they dislike him.

It's amazing that most of the ideas in Obama care actually originated from the republicans.