What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 9, 2012

Jack Kelly Sunday

Ok, so it's a day late - so sue me.

With Jack's P-G column this week he lengthens by one this list of crazie Roberts Conspiracy Theories.   As much as he might disagree with the Supreme Court decision validating the Affordable Care Act, he points out its (unintended??) consequences:
Some conservatives think the chief justice did the right thing. Not legally -- I agree with his critics that Chief Justice Roberts tortured the law to make it go where he wanted to take it -- but politically.

If the president is re-elected, it wouldn't have mattered if the Supreme Court had thrown out the health care law. He'd simply ignore the decision. (He's already ignoring the ruling that Obamacare is a tax.) The only way to restore constitutional government is to remove Barack Obama from office. I think that's why -- after siding with the conservatives on every point of law -- the chief justice strained so to find Obamacare constitutional.
See? Roberts found the law constitutional in order to make it easier for the GOP to remove Barack Obama from office!  It's all so clear.  I can see the truth now (Acts 9:18).

But think of what that says about what Jack's thinking.  Let's assume he actually believes what the GOP thinktanks are saying about "Obamacare."  For example, that it's a "job-killer" or that it "raises taxes" on Americans.

For Jack, these horrors to be visited on the American People are acceptable (for other people to suffer through, of course) as long as their presence makes it easier for Mitt Romney to win in November.

Nice to see your true colors, Jack.


EdHeath said...

Actually, I have to admit something Jack said there baffled me. If the individual and/or employer mandate was found unconstitutional, how would Barack Obama simply ignore that? Would Obama order the ... I don't know, IRS or someone to start assessing penalties? Would the inevitable lawsuits put an end to that pretty quick, assuming the IRS decided to obey Obama at all? Kind of a silly statement, although maybe I am missing something.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

"..how would Barack Obama simply ignore that?"

LMAO. Do you reeeeeaaaallly believe what you wrote?

Isn't this the same Barack Hussein Obama who refuses to enforce DOMA?

Isn't this the same Barack Hussein Obama who gave the middle finger to immigration laws and bestowed special rights on at least 800,000 illegals?

Isn't this the same Barack Hussein Obama who suddenly exercised Executive Privilege on a matter (Fast and Furious) he supposedly 'knew nothing about'?

Isn't this the same Barack Hussein Obama who refuses to enforce [insert choice of law or precedent here]?

And, you think this 'effin' Kenyan Muslim would not ignore the individual and/or employer mandate as being found uncontitutional?

Barack Hussein Obama's background is as a 'community organizer'.. a rabble-rouser.. someone who can't get a real job.. someone who doesn't give a rats-ass about law or due process. They're in it for the 'SHOW ME THE MONEY"!

I can only hope and pray this miscreant is beat in November.. by a HUGE margin. Send his ass back to Chicago, Hawaii, Indonesia or Kenya. I don't care where.

'Eff him. And, the horse he rode in on.

EdHeath said...

CM, you are obviously not interested in polite and/or civil discussion. You also demonstrate considerable ignorance. Of course, that is not surprising considering elements of your party reject geo-science, reject the opinions of the overwhelming majority of climate scientists and follow economic prescriptions that have not worked in the past the way y'all say they do and will make the lives of 300 million Americans much worse.

And that's all quite despite your insulting rant. Besides your particular rudeness, elements (perhaps all) of your party now worships the almighty dollar of the one percent. Y'all have totally forgotten the meaning of Christianity (those of you who claim to be Christians).