August 20, 2012

While You Were Away....

There's something mildly creepy (in the least) in this P-G story:
Holy water spattered on white paper covering a medical exam table as Catholic Bishop David Zubik blessed the ultrasound machine at the North Side office of the Women's Choice Network.

"Grant that all those who will use this equipment to improve their lives and those of the unborn may recognize that you are wonderful in your works and may learn to carry out your will more readily," he prayed Thursday as dozens of staff, volunteers and donors looked on.

The Women's Choice Network is a local agency assisting women in crisis pregnancies with options other than abortion.
The name alone should give one pause.  Imagine you're a scared first year college student and you find yourself pregnant (by the way we already know you weren't raped because "legitimately raped" women can't get pregnant according to GOP science) and so you scour the yellow pages for options.

Your eyes happen upon the "Women's Choice Network" and your fright lessens a bit.  You take a stop in only to find out it's not about your choices, but the only choices they want for you instead.

Yea, that's a choice.

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Maria Lupinacci said...

Ha! One of the rare times we are both writing about the same thing at the same time.

Now I want to see a photo of Zubik performing an exorcism on an ultrasound machine at Planned Parenthood.