What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 19, 2012

Lamar Advertises for Lamar, Uses Image from City Website

Pittsburgh City Counselors Natalia Rudiak and Darlene Harris have cosponsored a proposal to create a 10% tax on billboard rentals which they say could raise a couple of million dollars a year towards purchasing new police cars. (Philadelphia and other PA towns have a similar tax.)

Here's Lamar's response:

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In the Pittsburgh City Paper, Harris rightly notes that the Rudiak sign is "very misleading," since it implies that Rudiak is proposing to raise taxes on everyone, rather than on a select industry."

Rudiak comments:
Although one thing about the billboard did strike her as odd: Lamar, she says, apparently took the photo of her from the city's website. "But in the original photo, my dress was red."
Here's the image from the City of Pittsburgh website:

Here's a detail from Lamar's ad for Lamar:

How does Lamar get to use an image from the City of Pittsburgh website anyway in an ad that means to profit Lamar? They obviously did not pay for the image -- I'm assuming either the City or Rudiak did.

And, how the hell does this company from Louisiana constantly insert itself into the politics of this city???


Maria Lupinacci said...

I may be misremembering, but didn't the Mayor have to take down an image or two off of his campaign website because they were taken off of the City website?

Nine-El said...

Duh?Lamar is protecting /promoting their economic self interest ... You and I do that .... How 'bout that UPMC crowd??? I like the idea of selling the city to them ...then everybody would be tax exempt ...folks this model is not working and some enterprising pol shud step up and take us in another direction...

Nine-El said...

FYI. Tax the businesses ...tax the wealthy.. ACTIONS have consequences....ck the view of a US 1Senator/businessman...rare breed..