October 11, 2012

They just can't help themsleves

Via Dana Milbank at the Washington Post:
When House Republicans called a hearing in the middle of their long recess, you knew it would be something big, and indeed it was: They accidentally blew the CIA’s cover.  
The purpose of Wednesday’s hearing of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee was to examine security lapses that led to the killing in Benghazi last month of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three others. But in doing so, the lawmakers reminded us why “congressional intelligence” is an oxymoron.  
Through their outbursts, cryptic language and boneheaded questioning of State Department officials, the committee members left little doubt that one of the two compounds at which the Americans were killed, described by the administration as a “consulate” and a nearby “annex,” was a CIA base. They did this, helpfully, in a televised public hearing.
Hmm, Republicans leaking classified CIA info will trying to smear the opposition. Where have I heard that before?


Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

Republicans leaking classified CIA info will trying to smear the opposition.

Democrats are so much better. They only leak classified info that resulted in this:
Pakistan jails doctor who helped CIA find Bin Laden
Not exposing a patriotic super spy who commuted to a desk job at Langley.

Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

This is outrageous. They quoting the debunk hack New York Times.
Republicans leaked classified CIA info that was in the NY Times
Deadly Attack in Libya Was Major Blow to C.I.A. Efforts

Nine-El said...

CIA had people in Libya..!!?? Whoda thunk?

Maybe they were giving out milk and cookies to win friends.