October 10, 2012


An astute reader emailed in a curious document a few days ago.  This reader received this document from another resident of Fox Chapel who was looking to set up a neighborhood watch.

Why a neighborhood watch?  In Fox Chapel?

It seems that some folk there are a tad worried. From the letter:
We know a small number of families who live in our Forest neighborhood, but we are a distinct and circumscribed group of families who share a common border and neighborhood. We all value privacy, hence, we all keep to ourselves quite a bit. Despite this independence, We feel that it is time for us to come together in a loose organization of families. The political climate of polarity, the deepening income disparities, and growing unemployment are showing no signs of reversal. Many are saying that there is a very real possibility of civil unrest should the economic situation not reverse soon. [Emphasis added.]
For those who don't know, Fox Chapel Pennsylvania is not what one would call a financially depressed area.  The median income is $182,739 while the median income for the rest of Pennsylvania is just $49,520.  (For those without a calculator, that's about 3.7 times higher.)  The median income for 47.5% of the households in Fox Chapel is more than $200,000 per year.

The letter continues:
As a borough Fox Chapel has historically remained isolated from inner city issues and crime. However, such isolation may have persisted because the under-lying economic and social pressures have not been sufficient to affect it. The sad Truth is that We are in the midst of a different World from the one of the past, one of much more violence, lawlessness, and threat, both domestic and foreign. [Emphases added.]
Doesn't take long to see what they're scared of.  Poor people from the inner city coming up to Fox Chapel to make trouble.

And so as part of this neighborhood watch idea, they're looking to collect important information on other Fox Chapel residents - in order to "pool our resources should the need arise in our uncertain future."

They're looking to see who has "USEFULL (sic) SKILLS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY" including:
And they're looking to see who has the following resources:
Not sure how to put this, but what do they think is going to happen in Fox Chapel that they need to know who in the area is armed, who's a doctor, who can fix a broken tooth or rewire a house to accommodate a generator?  Who has a source of clean drinking water?

Only proves one thing:  Just because you're rich doesn't mean you're not batshit paranoid.


Maria Lupinacci said...

Hell, worried about inner city folks? I knew someone who lived there who used to get all pissy when the Kerry's were in town.


Sherry Pasquarello said...

very true! truth is- they finally found out about me! ho ho ho.

god, what a group of loonies!

i should be worried that they have the nerve to live that close to me!

i'm scared of bat shit crazy people- especially republican ones!

Ol' Froth said...

I grew up in Fox Chapel, and I know for a fact that there is a den of DEMONCRATS smack dab in the middle of the borough! They are the full time residents at 423 Fox Chapel Rd. I lived at that commune for 15 years while my father was a paid sage

Ol' Froth said...

Don't know how clean the water is...Glade Run flows through the Fox Chapel Golf Club, so its probably full of fertilizer and pesticides. It runs into Squaw Run, which might be clean, except for the fact that Squaw Run also drains the Heinz/Kerry estate, so its probably full of DEMONCRAT germs upstream of its junction with Glade Run. Oh, and just for fun, the childhoods of Sherry and myself are seperated by a decade and a golf course =)