What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 29, 2012


I got an interesting email last night.

Looks like I've been invited by the Pittsburgh branch of the Center for Inquiry to give a talk as part of their monthly lecture series.

I've been asked to give an informal talk on politics and religion in Western Pennsylvania.

Keep this date and time open: December 13th at 7pm - it'll be at the Carnegie Science Center.

As luck would have it, Peduto's got something going on at exactly the same time.


EdHeath said...

The Center for Inquiry? Who the what? Why does it sound a little like Faber College's motto?

Does it have a cost (yeah, I am that cheap)?

SamStone said...

Center for Inquiry Pittsburgh is part of a national group that supports science and reason. So you are right: "Knowledge is Good" is a fine summation of their goals. If only every politician in America would take such a bold stance!

As for cost, it is free beyond a slight fee for parking. Some also give a donation, but that is completely optional.

EdHeath said...

If only, indeed. I have always been a big fan of knowledge, even if I don't always understand the knowledge involved (how old is the earth? I'm not a scientist, man).

I wonder how tough it would be to attend this and then scoot over to the Peduto thing. Or maybe the Peduto ticket(s) will simply end up being a donation.